Marcela Checa

I’m a multidisciplinary designer from Honduras with experience in Art Direction, User Interface, Interaction Design, Digital Advertising and Graphic Design. 

I graduated as a graphic designer with a focus in Advertising and Visual Communications from Universidad Véritas in San José Costa Rica. I furthered my studies in Germany and graduated from MAID (Masters Degree of Integrated Design International) in the Bauhaus Hochschule Anhalt University of Dessau with a focus on Design Thinking and Service Design.

My interest is to use design as a tool to unlock innovation and help problem solving in daily life. I believe using design knowledge and skills can lead us to do meaningful work that can tackle social issues and contribute to a better life for many.

 I am interested in Social Innovation, Design Thinking, Collaborative Consumption (Sharing Economy) and User Centred Methodologies.

I think design should be coherent, cohesive, integrated and respectful with people, their context, culture and within the environment in which it develops.

I am a focused and committed individual and take pride in efficiently working and managing multitask challenges and developing integrated projects. I am a passionate communicator with the ability to engage people in an online and offline context.

My Passions

Design, illustration, Films, Food and Travel. 

My favorite phrase:                                                                                                                                        

"Ships are safe in a Harbor, but that is not what ships were made for" -William Shed